Mugarula & Swai Families

Our Story

Sisters marrying best friends and now doing ministry together as families – only God could write a story like this!  For 10 years, we’ve been focused on connecting Tanzanians to Christ by providing creative opportunities for people to encounter Jesus.
We do this through a variety of ministries:
  • Church Planting – empowering Tanzanian families to reach the unreached.  We’ve trained 200 families from 42 different people groups who have planted 257 churches in rural villages.
  • Worship Ministry – bringing people to Christ through music.  Our team of passionate and talented young adults seeks to create unique worship experiences in urban areas.
  • Women’s Ministry – refreshing pastors’ wives through Discovery Bible Studies, prayer, and retreats.
  • Child Sponsorship – connecting American sponsors with orphaned and impoverished Maasai children to provide educational, nutritional, and spiritual development.
Pray with us that God will:
  • Raise up the supporters He has prepared to partner with us.
  • Continue to strengthen our unity as we minister together.
  • Impact lives for Christ through each area of ministry.

Swai Family

Michelle is the Tanzania field team leader – encouraging, equipping, and empowering ministry partners to thrive in their roles and relationships with God. She coordinates the child sponsorship program, bringing transformation to the lives of orphaned and impoverished Maasai children. Additionally, she and her sister, Megan, serve in a Women’s Ministry focused on uplifting the wives of church planters previously trained by the team.  Together, her and her husband teach church planters about Discipleship Making Movements and foundational values of bringing the Kingdom of God to the unreached.

Joel is the Head of Media and Tech for the worship ministry, which focuses on evangelistic outreach among urban youth and young adults. He is the team sound engineer and leads logistics for each ministry event. He is passionate about mentoring the band members, increasing the standard of tech and media in the church, and engaging with kids during school outreach programs - all with the goal of reaching the current generation for Christ.  On the Team he is known as the guy who can do it all – his talents range from tech to woodworking, design to DIY projects, construction to leadership.

The Swais were married on the 29th of August 2020. Their son, Obadiah (Obi), was born on the 5th of November 2022 and has been such a sweet addition to their family!  Obi currently loves cars, reading books, being in the workshop with his dad, and playing with his cousin.  He is super active, has a contagious laugh, and loves to learn.

Mugarula Family

Megan serves as the accountant for the Tanzania field team, overseeing all ministry funds and empowering Tanzanian leaders in financial stewardship. She and her sister, Michelle, coordinate a Women’s Ministry where they travel and encourage church planters’ wives. She also oversees hospitality, logistics and finances with the worship ministry.

Nelson joined the Tanzania field team at the beginning of 2022, incorporating his worship ministry within the work of CMF. Through this, he equips passionate and talented Tanzanians to bring people to Christ through music and media. He is a music producer with a call to create unique, dynamic Christian music throughout Tanzania.

Nelson and Megan were married on July 31, 2021. Their son, Noah, was born on May 10th, 2023.  He is currently crawling and giggling like crazy when playing peek-a-boo!  He wants to do whatever Obi is doing, eats like a champ, and loves music, cows, and playing outside.