Andrew Phillips

My Story

Since April of 2022, I have been working alongside SEND teammates John and Susan Edwards in the Yamagata prefecture of Japan. Since the summer of 2022, we have been living and building community in Obanazawa Japan while reaching out to those in the surrounding areas. Through weekly Tea Times, special events and various gatherings at the Church and home, we are joining together with local believers to encourage one another and share the love and truth of Christ with those who do not know Him. I have also spent time commuting to Yamagata City, for language classes, connecting with classmates and the various people I meet while at local cafes and parks. Truly we are doing the work of relational evangelists as we spend time with our friends and neighbors in our homes, at local events and at various local shops and restaurants. I also support John and Susan in the D-House (Discipleship House) ministry. People with a love for Jesus and Japan, come from around the world to live with us for two months. During this time, they assist us in our regular ministries, learn about the culture and language and contribute their own unique gifts and talents to the work God is doing in this area. They do all this while discerning whether God is calling them to Japan as long-term missionaries. I'm glad to be a part of mentoring and discipling them during their time with us. We are blessed to be working with Shion Christ Church, a strong, loving and supportive family of Japanese, Korean and Pilipino believers, who meet regularly in neighboring Murayama Japan.

Visiting Ginzan Onsen

Recently visited Ginzan with my teammates. Ginzan Onsen is an onsen area in Obanazawa, Yamagata Prefecture, Japan. Its name means "silver mine hot spring".