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  • Committed and Compelled by Love
    A book title caught my attention this past week -- "Stop Dating the Church". The book description said, "Many peopleput in their hour or two on the weekend and take the rest of the week off, neglecting the church and her needs. Its not a serious relationship. Some shop around, looking for a church that suits their lifestyle. Its dating, with no assurances, no obligations."
  • Joy
    Welcome to church today! I'm so glad you are here to give our praise and thanks to God for the grace He has given us! What are the marks of a church member? What moves someone from occasionally attending a church service to being a biblical church member? We'll talk about the first one today I'd love to have you join me this Tuesday evening at 6:30pm for time of prayer and devotion led by our Elders. Things happen in prayer that would not happen when you pray! Come pray for our church - our nation - our city that we would see God do a mighty Gospel work!
  • I am a Church Member
    In many ways church member today sounds antiquated. For many churches membership has gone the same way as suits, pipe organs, and ushers that resembled undertakers! It represents organized religion. Or does it? Today we start a new series redefining what it means to be a church member. Membership is very little about having your name on a roll, and much more about your relationship with Jesus, the Bible, and His church. Today is the Rookie Lunch! If you are new to BCC in recent months, I would love to invite you to join me after the worship service today for a free lunch where I will talk about our church and how you can be a part of it! Also, I Am A Church Member small groups start this week! Want to join one? Come talk to me!
  • Cost Benefit Analysis
    In business a common tool is called Cost Benefit Analysis. It is a process where a given situation or business related actions are summed and then the costs associated are subtracted.
  • Blind Sight
    Welcome to church! I am glad you are with us this September Sunday! If you are newer to Berkley Community Church, I would like to invite you to our next Rookie Lunch on October 1st in the fellowship hall immediately following the morning worship service. This casual lunch (kids too of course!) will take less than an hour and will give you an opportunity to hear from various key ministry leaders and learn how you can plug in to BCC! Also starting in October are new church-wide small groups! Do you want to build some closer friendships and study the Bible deeper? This is a great way to do that! Sign up for small groups is next Sunday! Today we are in Mark 8 and a bunch of random stories that are in reality, one story!
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