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Global missions is one of the core values of Berkely Community. We have a long history of sending missionaries to foreign countries. The mission to give the Gospel to all nations is something that we take seriously.

  We think everyday people with careers and families can make a difference in the world.  We know you may not be able to devote the next 20 years of your life to missions, this is an avenue for you to change the world locally and globally.    You never know when you may see our local teams cleaning parks, cleaning up yards, or having a free car wash for the community - anything to help meet the needs of others.  Give a day here or there and show God's love to the community around you.
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 Unreached People and Mission Articles


What is a People Group?

Overview of what distinguishes one people group from another

How Many People Groups are There?

Helps provide insight into the various counts of unreached peoples.

Has Everyone Heard?

Challenging the idea that most everyone has heard of Jesus Christ.

God’s Global Mission Clarified

Making Sense Out of the Verbiage Surrounding Missions in an Age of Competing Information - Marvin J. Newell

What is the 10/40 Window?

An overview of this strategic region of the world.

Hijacking "Unreached"

Can the meaning of one term hinder the spread of the Gospel?

What Happened to People Group Thinking?

Revisiting the Biblical mandate to make disciples of all people groups.

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