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Why Youth Group?

Teens today are using a vast amount of focus and energy on their social lives and making sure they get accepted into the right crowd.  Their lives are under constant pressure from the peers and the adults in their lives. With their busy schedules, constant participation in school, extracurricular activities, and sports; it's easy to put off spending time with God.  The goal of youth group is to bring youth into a safe and welcoming environment geared toward building authentic relationships and engaging in intentional spiritual growth.  Each lesson will seek to show students why the Gospel is essential and how to live it out every day.  We will aspire to answer questions teens are asking about life, God, faith, and the Bible.  

Leading a Godly life is the best way we can show that it is not about what clothes you wear, who your friends are, or if you made it onto the cheerleading squad, but that it's your relationship with God that really counts. With all the changes that are happening in our country, there needs to be a place where teens can get away from those pressures and rely on God to take care of them. 

New_TP_logo.jpgTop Priority, our High School youth group, is a group of teens who are intentional about sharing God's love with the world around them. Our time is spent playing engaging games, learning about the Gospel in a large group setting, and participating in small groups to discuss issues we are all faced with everyday and how to make God our Top Priority in life. We meet during the school year on Thursday evenings from 6:30-8:30 PM. 

New_BT_logo.pngBreak Through is our Junior High group which encompasses the general understanding of the Christian faith. We spend our meeting times playing energetic games, learning about the Gospel in a large group setting, and getting into small groups to go deeper into the lessons. We meet during the school year on Thursday evenings from 6:30-8:30 PM.

***NEW***  All new Parent Guide with each week's topic and discussion questions to help you have meaningful conversations with your teen about what they're learning in youth group!  Check it out below!

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