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Sunday morning service 10am


Every Wednesday!  To register go here....


Adults at BCC

  • Service starts at 10am and goes to 11:15am.
  • Casual attire, wear what makes you feel comfortable.
  • Thought-provoking engaging messages based on the Bible.
  • Energetic worship with a full band.
  • Welcoming people

Kids at BCC, Promiseland

  • Kids under 5 go to age appropriate rooms for all of service.
  • Kids kindergarten to 5th grade leave service after songs and go to their room.
  • All ages will hear the Gospel presented appropriate for their age.

I am a Church Member


October 1st- November 12th

Church Member (NOUN)

A church member of the Christian community, or a particular Christian Denomination or congregation; a person who belongs to a church.

In many ways "church member" today sounds antiquated.  For many churches membership has gone the same way as suits, pipe organs, and ushers that resembled undertakers!

This wasn't always the case.  There was a day when membership meant something.  It meant commitment and priorities.  It was a badge of honor and pride.  Yet today, for many, it has lost value and relevance.  Some would say, "Yes, I love Jesus...but I'm just not big on 'institutions'."

Is that right?  Is that biblical?

It seems in many ways, even church members don't know what a church member is!

God intends for us to play an active and vital part in the body of Christ, the local church.  He wants us to experience the local church as a home more profoundly wonderful and meaningful that any other place on earth.

Just as God created marriage to be a sacred relationship, so He also created the local church.  Each member with a role and responsibility to grow one another more and more like Jesus.

It's time to push aside false cultural biases, and biblically define what God created the church to be. It's time to regain the responsibilty and greater fulfillment fo being a church family.  It's time to declare, I am a church member.

Our Mission

To lead our community in a life changing, ever-growing relationship with Jesus Christ.


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The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up.
—Mark Twain



Join us Sundays @ 11:15 am for prayer

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