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Groh,_A.jpgSenior Pastor-Adam Groh

Pastor Adam Groh grew up at Berkley Community Church and has the honor to lead it today as Senior Pastor!  After spending fourteen years in health care finance, Pastor Adam left the corporate world to pursue all that God called him to be.  His primary responsibilities at BCC are leadership and preaching.  Adam is known for communicating the Gospel in a relevant way calling the church to pursue Jesus whole-heartedly while resting in His limitless grace.  Prior to being the Senior Pastor at BCC, Pastor Adam served as Teaching Pastor (2008-2011), Gen-X Pastor (2005-2007), Music Director (2000-2006).

Pastor Adam graduated from Regent University (Virginia Beach, VA) with a business degree in 2005 and from Grace Theological Seminary (Winona Lake, IN) in 2010.  He was licensed to Pastoral Ministy in 2005 and ordained in 2010.

Pastor Adam and his lovely wife, Jenn, have four gorgeous kids!

When asked what is your favorite drink?  Adam replied, "97.4% Unsweetened Iced Tea and 2.6% Lemonade to be exact!"


Youth Pastor-Matt Brunner

Matt was born in Maryville, MO, and raised in Bellefontaine, OH.  Don't worry, though.  He's a Wolverine fan!  Matt became interested in youth ministry his senior year of high school.  Ever since, that passion for helping youth know Christ and his confidence in God's calling to youth ministry has grown.  Matt got his Bachelor's in Youth Ministry and Biblical Studies at Grace College, which is where he met his beautiful wife, Hannah.

When asked if you were a team what would your mascot be?  Matt replied, "Probably a Norwegian Elkhound because that name sounds really intimidating.  And it's basically a fluffy grey German Shepherd."



Elder Board Chairman-Ron Hobart

Ron Hobart and his lovely wife Judy have been members of BCC since 1967.  Ron has served on our Elder Board for several years.  Prior to that he was a Deacon, prior to that he was a trustee, prior to that he was the High School Superintendent, prior to that he was Methodist.  Currently he serves on the Board of Directores at CareNet Pregnancy Center in Berkley.

He and his wife have 2 children and 6 grandchildren.  In their spare time they love to travel to Disney.

When asked the question, What is your favorite fruit?  Ron answered, "Dole whipped float at Magic Kingdom!"


Children's Director-Corenae O'Green

Corenae adores children and loves to see their excitement with the Word of God!  She has an energy with kids that is contagious.  Corenae has been working as BCC's Children's Director since 2011.  She is a hands-on Children's Director.  For example she has taken a pie to the face, had pudding poured over her head and been doused with water more times than she can count.  She is all in!

On the side, Corenae is married to the most amazing husband, Jeff, and they have 4 gorgeous girls!  They joined the church in 2001.  She has been homeschooling the girls for 10 years and plans to continue through all of their graduations.

When asked what is her favorite cartoon character? Corenae replied, "Most definitely Mickey Mouse!  Are there any others?"


Arts' Director-Jeff Groh

Jeff has been attending BCC since he was born and has been an active member for the last 18 years.  For the last 10 years he was acting Technical Arts Director until he began his current position as Arts' Director.  Jeff currently oversees the different creative aspects at BCC including staging, video, music and graphics to name a few.  He is married to Stacey Groh, one of our youth volunteers, and they have a son named Jacob.

When asked if you could take three things to heaven what would they be?  Jeff replied, "Mucky Duck mustard, Diet Coke and Charmin extra soft!"



Missions' Team Lead-Chris Dow

Chris grew up in the jungles of Ecuador and has been attending BCC since 1994 where he met his wife Karen. Chris and Karen have two daughters.  Chris has served in various capacities over the years including Youth, Life Change Teacher, Technical Arts, Elder Board and most recently the leader of the Missions' Team.

When asked if you could be any animal what would it be? Chris replied, "Well definitely not a snake, since the only good one is a dead one.  I guess it would have to be a black panther, they are kind of like a ninja (ask Jaden)."


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